• Company Name
  • Location
    1-3 Takahashi Fureai-oka, Imabari City, Ehime,Japan
  • Founded
    May 29, 2002
  • Capital
    50 million yen (as of January 31, 2023)
  • Main business
    Operation of sports clubs, sports facilities, and cultural facilities
    Sales of sports coaching know-how
    Education-related business, etc.
  • Fiscal year
    February 1 to January 31 of the following year
  • Board members
    and Executive officers
    • Chairman of the Board Takeshi Okada
    • President and Representative Director Masafumi Yano
    • Outside Director Taishi Noda
    • Executive Officer LDH JAPAN Inc.
    • Outside Director Yasushi Murakami
    • President and Representative Director WASHIYA Co., Ltd.
    • Outside Director Hiroshi Kan
    • Representative Director KASUGAI JAPAN K.K.
    • Outside Director Hiroshi Tasaka
    • Professor Emeritus Tama Graduate School of Business
    • Outside Director Yukito Higaki
    • President and Representative Director IMABARI SHIPBUILDING CO., LTD.
    • Outside Director Shigeharu Oda
    • President and Representative Director USHIO REINETSU CO.,LTD
    • Outside Director Yuichi Shiki
    • Director and General Manager of Administration Division ARIGATO SERVICE CO., LTD.
    • Outside Director Takahiro Kanzaki
    • Representative Director KEPPLE Capital Inc.
    • Outside Director Yukari Hara
    • Representative Director SKYAH Co.,Ltd.
    • Auditor Masato Kondo
    • Representative Director Imabari Plaza Hotel Co.


  • 1976
    Established as “Onishi Soccer Club”
  • 1991
    Changed team name to “Imao football Club”
  • 2004
    Changed team name to “Ehime Simanami FC”
  • 2008
    Started activity as a subordinate organization of Ehime FC “EHIME FC Simanami”
  • 2012
    Changed team name to “FC IMABARI” due to the transfer of the management organization
    Shikoku League Champion
    Eliminated in the 1st round of the National Regional League Finals
    2-1 victory over Sanfrecce Hiroshima in the second round of the Emperor’s Cup
  • 2013
    Shikoku League Champion
    Eliminated in the 1st round of the National Regional League Finals
  • 2014
    October 18th Former Japan national team coach Takeshi Okada acquires 51% shares of IMABARI .YUME SPORTS INC.
    Shikoku League 3rd place
  • 2015
    Restarted the new season under Takeshi Okada’s ownership system
    Shikoku league championship
    Eliminated in the first round of the National Regional League Finals
    October Entrusted with the designated management of Shimanami Earthland and started activities of Shimanami Outdoor School activities
  • 2016
    Shikoku League Champion
    National Regional Football Champions League 2016 Winner
    Promoted to JFL (Japan Football League)
  • 2017
    JFL (Japan Football League) 6th place
    Construction of Arigato service. Completed Yume Stadium® completed
  • 2018
    JFL (Japan Football League) 5th place
  • 2019
    JFL (Japan Football League) 3rd place
    Promoted to J3 (Japan Professional Soccer League Meiji Yasuda J3 League)
  • 2020
    J3 (Japan Professional Football League Meiji Yasuda J3 League) 7th place
  • 2021
    J3 (Japan Professional Football League Meiji Yasuda J3 League) 11th place
  • 2022
    J3 (Japan Professional Football League Meiji Yasuda J3 League) 5th place
  • 2023
    Construction of IMABARI SATOYAMA STADIUM completed