FC Imabari is developing a long-term team growth strategy for the entire region based on the “Imabari Model Concept”. The Imabari model aims not only to strengthen the team performance, but also to increase the football population and revitalize the local community. We focus on the global development as a model of social contribution through sports.

FC Imabari Football Philosophy

FC Imabari Football Philosophy

    Don’t forget the joy when you started playing football!!

    Never forget the joy when you started playing football and when you scored a goal. Play actively on the field without fear of mistakes or opponents. Not only demonstrate what the director or coach tells you to do, but you know the real ENJOY when you take risks on your own and succeed.


    The team is for each player, not for the coach

    The team is not for the manager or coach, but for the players. That’s why when team does not show the best performance or faces some problems, we have to solve it by ourselves without relying on the manager and coach. The players should be responsible. Players can make their own choices. That makes an independent player.


    Do your best for the victory of team!

    Have a mind of victory and do the best to win the game. Result is not important. If you fight bravely to win without fear of consequences, you are not a loser even if losing the game.


    Focus on what you can do now!

    Focus on what you can do now. Don’t regret the lost game. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and losing the game. Yous should focus on doing your best having a big dream and goal. There are only three things that players can do. That is daily condition management, intensive training, and doing 100% of the best.


    Don’t be consent with the status quo, always keep the spirit of progress!

    Continue to grow without ever being satisfied. No player experiences the stable progress. You will see progress little by little with ups and downs. You are likely to see the best performance in the past when you are in a slump saying “I could do it better before…” When you are in a slump, you should look forward the higher levels of the future. It’s like a crouching before jumping. Soemthing could be happened to you or your teams if it is needed. Let’s consider what it means.


    Let’s communicate and understand each other!

    A friendly group is not a bad thing. But it is more important that members recognize each other. Even if you don’t get along with the other, you should trust him that “he will absolutely defend the goal” or “he will definitely score”. Communication is your effort of making others understand you. The ultimate is a daily greeting. That is a signal that you are ready for communication. Convey your thoughts, listen to people’s opinions, and accept them.

Imabari Model Concept

Building the highest quality pyramid in Japan
through long-term consistent guidance throughout Imabari and neighboring cities.

FC Imabari is developing a long-term team development plan called “Imabari Model Concept” that involves the entire region centered on the hometown and teaches each age group with a consistent vision. We plan to launch and develop teams for each generation including football school for U10, football teams for U11 to U18, and also collaborate with local youth teams, junior high school teams, and high school teams. We will provide opportunities to enjoy football, increase the football population, and develop talents who are able to play in top teams.

We apply team development based on ” OKADA METHOD” advocated by Takeshi Okada. We build up the team with a long-term vision by building a basic play model and consistently teaching it from football school to top teams.

Imabari Model Concept
Top team

Top team

Become a club loved by the local community and supported by people.

FC Imabari began its history as Onishi Soccer Club, founded in 1976. Takeshi Okada started managing the team in 2014 while playing in the Shikoku League and introduced the “OKADA METHOD”.
The team made progress and successfully promoted to JFL in 2017, and further promoted to J3 from 2020. A new stadium, IMABARI SATOYAMA STADIUM, will be completed in 2023, and the team is currently working hard to achieve promotion to the J2 League.
We continue to work with the local community to build the foundation for our homegrown and academy teams, and aim to become a club supported by even more people.



Our academy is developing to promote the young generation by focusing on not only football but also human education.

At FC Imabari’s academy, we apply the OKADA METHOD to provide consistent instruction based on the idea of ​​shuhari. We focus on the training of players younger than 16 years old trained under OKADA METHOD and aim to develop self-reliant players and autonomous team. At the same time, we aim to provide human education through football so that they grow up to be supported. There are U-18, U-15, and U-12 categories. We prepare training path from 9 to 18 years old and provide instruction according to the age. All categories are successfully achieving steady growth. We are doing strong effort for further solid foundation and enhancement of our performance level. We are actively working not only to grow the players and teams belonging to FC Imabari, but also to achieve growth together with the local community.

Women’s Team

Women’s Team

Aiming for entering and promoting Nadeshiko League

FC Imabari women’s team currently belongs to the Shikoku League and aims to enter the Nadeshiko League. Our players are practicing football day by day while working for local companies. We will do our best to make women’s football more accessible and empower the people who see our activities.

Homegrown Activities

Homegrown Activities

Vitality that supports the development of the club.Grassroots activities aiming for regional growth with a long-term vision

FC Imabari is developing homegrown activities with the goals of increasing the football population around the hometown, creating opportunities for continuous development for both inside and outside the club, and spreading the ” OKADA METHOD”.

Our activities include football classes for elementary school students, football classes for adults aged 20 and over and people with disabilities, holding football games for parents and children, games for lower grades of elementary school who have few opportunities to play games. We strongly believe these our activities raise the potential of the hometown and they will be the foundation of the club five or ten years later.

We will do more efforts to increase opportunities for people to enjoy sports and physical activities through various exchanges not only for our club but also for local community. We will continue our activities to become a source of vitality for the local community.