The OKADA METHOD is a system of football coaching methodology that focuses on promoting self-reliant players and autonomous teams. It is important for young players under 16 years old to demonstrate the “play model” which is the principle of football. This “playing model” is the key element to realize a football style for Japanese teams to win in the global stage, and it is also the football style that FC Imabari aims for.

The OKADA METHOD contains “techniques and play patterns” for effective performance based on “play models”, and “collection of training exercises for each age group” to acquire them. Furthermore, the method contains “game analysis and training plans”, “coaching”, “human roots program”, “physical”, “conditioning”, and “team management” to teach them effectively.

All data related to the OKADA METHOD has been collected with IT from the beginning. The data of training under the method system has been accumulated and shared among the coaches which resulted in the dramatic growth of their ability. I created the method to make Japanese national football team win the global stage. I achieved the success track record in the development of FC Imabari and Zhejiang club in China. Therefore, I decided to share the method with many people by publishing a book.

I also created a video of OKADA METHOD to guide Chinese football coaches which was well supported by many Chinese people. So, I decided to release the video to Japanese people from December 2021 which contains training exercises that were not addressed in the book.

In the future, we plan to develop it into a method consulting business and a leader training business both in Japan and overseas.

Takeshi Okada

Takeshi Okada Former head coach of the Japanese national football team Chairman of Imabari.Yume Sports Co.

Takeshi Okada

He was born in Osaka Prefecture. After graduating from Waseda University School of Political Science and Economics, he Joined Furukawa Electric. He made Japanese national football team first appearance as a head coach in the 1997 FIFA France World Cup. He also worked as a head coach of the Japan Professional Football League Consadole Sapporo and Yokohama F. Marinos. Overseas, he worked as a head coach of the Chinese Super League Hangzhou Green City. Currently he was appointed as chairman of Imabari Yume Sports Corporation which is the operating company of FC Imabari. The company is working on regional revitalization with the corporate philosophy of “We contribute to the society that values the spiritual richness rather than the material wealth for the next generation.”

Consistent instruction
based on the idea of “​​shu-ha-ri”.

  1. shu

    Acquire the principles of the play model as knowledge.

  2. ha

    Choose and demonstrate the principles of the play model in actual play.

  3. ri

    Play football intuitively and lively keeping your mind free but keeping the principles in subconscious level.

What is “shu-ha-ri”?

It is a traditional way of thinking which depicts the growth process in the fields of such as Japanese martial arts and arts. “shu (obey)” refers to the phase of learning and faithfully following the teacher’s instructions. “ha (detach)” refers to the phase of learning and researching techniques from others. “ri (leave)” refers to the phase of leaving those teachings and patterns to create techniques independently.


FC Imabari disseminates the OKADA METHOD and “Imabari Model” which is demonstrating a regional development model based on OKADA METHOD to Asia and other regions of the world and interacts with football players all around the world.

  1. Enhance Asian football level to the global level

    We will contribute to enhance the Asian football level with Japanese football expertise which is considered as top class in Asia. The goal of Japanese football is to enhance the level to the global stage. We are working hard to improve our skills by cooperating with people from Asian countries and competing with each other.

  2. Support clubs in each country with “OKADA METHOD”

    We comprehensively support the academy system, concept, development of coaching guidelines, player development, team strengthening, coach training, acceptance of players, coaches, and club staff for training in Imabari or Japan, and promotion of football.

  3. Contribute to world peace through football

    We built a full-scale partnership with Zhejiang Green City in China and support the training of leaders in South China in Hong Kong, and accept short-term study abroad from Taiwanese clubs. We will contribute to world peace building a frendship with football players around the world through football and understanding each other.